More About Me


Loren Stubbert received his real estate license in 2006, just preceding the great housing crash.  He has always said, he was glad he did not get in three years earlier or he would have learned some bad habits. When getting in at the top of the collapse of the housing market he could not afford any bad habits.  He survived the worst and has continued to take care of his clients through conscientious, ethical service to help his clients achieve whatever their goals are in buying and/or selling real estate.

Prior to this Loren Stubbert spent 35 years in the field of budgeting, financial analysis and project management and systems development for the City of Eugene and the Oregon University System. Three and a half decades of paying attention to details and working with people from college presidents and city managers to payroll clerks prepared Loren for working with a wide range of people. He brought these skills to his full-time career in real estate. He has always said that effective personal relationships are key to achieving mutual goals.


Loren earned both a bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Oregon in Municipal Finance. Loren has completed hundreds of hours of real estate education courses in real estate law, financing, marketing, and more and continues to do so. More importantly, Loren has over five decades of life experience in working with people, managing details, purchasing several homes himself and proving to himself that effective personal relationships are key to achieving mutual goals.


Loren believes in the creative process, which is reflected in his varied interests. These include watercolor painting, pen and ink drawing, writing poetry, photography, sculpture and Oregon history. He is actively engaged with his family. Loren is a fifth generation Oregonian. He knows the geography, the demographics, the neighborhorhoods and the politics of Eugene, Springfield and Lane County.


I selected to work with Windermere Real Estate because of its commitment to exceeding the industry standards of ethics, integrity and professionalism in dealing with people, and demonstrating itself as one of the leading real estate networks in the western United States. Windermere offers its agents the latest in training, support, advertising, and technological innovations in support of their efforts to help you succeed in buying and selling your property. Further, I selected Windermere because of its commitment to the ideal that effective personal relationships are key to achieving mutual goals. (Do you see a pattern here?) Let me work for you.